How to Use Pokemon Go Plus


For those of you who like to play Pokemon Go, now Pokemon Go Plus accessory can be used. This article will give you the explanation on how to deal with this accessory. Pokemon Go Plus is now available for Pokemon Go. This device make the game play experience of the Pokemon Go more convenient that you can make everything in this game possible without having to use your phone.

Set Up Pokemon Go Plus

It is very simple and easy to set up the Pokemon Go Plus accessory. The first thing that you have to do is you have to make sure that the watch is on. And then you also have check out is the Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device. After that you can go to setting, and then you just have to activate the Pokemon Go Plus. Press the button and it will be appeared.

Catch Pokemon Using Pokemon Go Plus

One of the main benefits of the Pokemon Go Plus is you can catch Pokemon without having to check out your smart phone all the time. When you find Pokemon near you, this accessory will vibrate and you will see green color. You just have to press the button which is located on the center of the device in order to try to catch Pokemon in the area. If you successfully catch the Pokemon, Pokemon Go Plus will display rainbow colors, but if you cannot get the Pokemon, you will see red lights. If you want to catch wild Pokemon using this accessory, it is more convenient, but there are a couple of disadvantages that you have to know on using it rather than traditional ways in order to catch Pokemon. This accessory only uses regular Pokeballs, so that Ultra Balls and Great Balls can only be used when you play through the application. Meanwhile, you only have one chance in order to catch Pokemon when using this accessory.

Pokemon Go has been updated by Niantic on a regular basis; so many people wish that the update will be revealed soon in the future which lets Pokemon Go Plus to use Ultra Balls and Great Balls. After that, a couple of Pokemon Go fans all over the world will just have to stock up on a couple of regular Pokeballs that they have if they want to utilize the Pokemon Go Plus. So do not waste your time, grab this accessory right away.

Pokemon Go Hack Secret that Have Been Revealed So Far

pokemon go

There are many secrets in this game and we want to share some of them in this Pokemon Go hack secret for you all. This game becomes a new phenomenon for smartphone gamers all over the world. Pokemon Go offers a new way to play a game. The developers intend to make the players move psychically when playing the game via augmented reality. It may sound strange for gamers, but it is very addictive and making our body healthier than before. In this game, secrets are very highly covered. The developers themselves claim that the secrets which we have found so far are just a few.

Catch Pikachu

This is the first Pokemon Go hack secret that all Pokemon Go players may know so far. You can catch Pikachu in the very beginning of the game. The trio Pokemon should be ignored for some movements. In the end, there will be four starterPokemon that you have to choose one of them. Yes, it is Pikachu as the fourth choice. Just walk around some houses if you do not see Pikachu yet. This secret was revealed some weeks after the game launched. It is probably known and popular these days. Moreover, this secret is not a secret anymore because of its popularity.


The next Pokemon Go hack secret is related with when you want to catch a Pokemon. As usual, we will be directed to our camera and looking for the Pokemon through it. Then, we swipe the Poke Ball to throw it onto Pokemon. If you are sharp enough, you will see two rings around the Pokemon that we want to catch. If you can make the ball touch the ring, it creates higher chances for you catching the Pokemon. When the ring is smaller, you have to do more efforts in throwing the Poke Ball. The green ring indicates that you can catch the Pokemon easily.


The evolution of Eevee can be manipulated easily in the game. Meanwhile, the developers set up its evolution randomly. If you do not know the secret, you may say its evolution is not fun after all. By setting up the nickname of Eeve right before you evolve it is the key secret here. There are three possibilities of Eevee evolution so far. They are Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon. If you rename your Eevee into Sparky, it will evolve it into Jolteon. If you change it onto Rainer, it would be Vaporeon. If you rename it onto Pyro, your eevee will evolve to Flareon. That is the last Pokemon Go hack secret that we have known so far.

Siegefall Tips And Tricks


There are a couple of tips and tricks for Siegefall that you can do in order to build a better base, attack smarter, unlock new soldiers, and level up your keep faster. This article will give you guide in order to get free gems by playing brilliant and you will get a couple of information about the hacks and cheats of Siegefall. This is a new strategy game that you can play in order to complete missions in order to get resources and create a better and bigger base in order to protect your resources. Even though there are a couple of same features that can be found in Clash of Clans, this game is very unique which features Heroes and system which is based with card in order to turn the battle tide. Siegefall is game that you can play for free on Windows Phone, Android, iPad, iPhone, and Windows 8 version which are coming soon. Even though this game is free to download and free to play, this game comes with a couple of in-app that you have to purchase up to $99 if you want to get gems which can replace resources and speed up buildings. You have to use tips for Siegefall in order to win the game and level up faster and you do not have to spend a lot of money.

The Story Mode Should Be Completed

Once you start playing this game, other players can be attacked in raids which let you earning rewards and you can take down your enemies who are real people, but it is important for you to remember the story mode. If you play the story mode in this Siegefall game, you can unlock heroes which will help you in order to attack in story mode quests later and you can attack the tougher opponent which is from a couple of players who have level up quicker than you. Once the other Siegefall heroes can be unlocked you can submit them at the altar which is located near where you gather your troops.

Siegefall Gems For Free

You do not have to purchase Siegefall gems in order to make for resources and speed up buildings. Rather than search for each chance in order to get gems. When you begin you will be helped in order to upgrade faster by gathering buildings that have been needed, upgrading structures and troops little bit faster.

Clash Royale Hack Tutorials to Get Toughest Troops and Deck

Our Clash Royale hack tutorials are simply to follow for everyone. In other words, many beginner players are satisfied after they followed these simple tutorials. For your information, Clash Royale is the latest game which is developed by Supercell which is popular with their Clash of Clans previously. With RTS and collectible cards gameplay, the players should have good strategy to win every match. There should be 2 players in one match and they have to defeat another player to get experience, gold and chests. Let us go to the first Clash Royale hack trick tutorial below.

Clash Royale Hack Tutorials: Set Your Deck

Okay, you have to understand carefully these Clash Royale hack tutorials. Actually, the Clash Royale gameplay is very simple. You just need accurate choice in choosing your troops. Of course, you have a chance to set up your deck firstly, right? Do not miss this chance. You must set up your battle deck and please do not directly play without this step firstly. It helps you to understand the combo’s possibilities on the battle later. Many beginners just skip their chance to set up their deck. Consequently, they go play blindly at this way for sure.

Clash Royale Hack Tutorials: Save Your Gems

The next thing to do in our Clash Royale Hack tutorials is about saving your gems. We have already known that gems are very important and useful in this game. By using our gems, we can purchase some items such as chests, cards and gold on the store. Because of this importance, you must save your gems. In other words, do not waste it without any goal or purpose. Rather than wasting it for buying something common, it would be better if you save it for magical chest, right? For your information, magical chest is the rarest chest in this game. It is worthier for your gems obviously.

Clash Royale Hack Tutorials: Save Your Gold

After saving your gems, this is your time to save your gold. As same as gems, gold is also key component in this game. By using the gold, you can upgrade your card to become tougher than before. Moreover, we can also buy other cards on the store with our gold. So, you have to keep it for the expensive one. Of course, buying weak troops or cards will waste our gold. It means that you have to be patience and win every game to get more gold. That is all for today. Hope you understand our Clash Royale hack tutorials for newbie today.

Clash Royale Astuce Apk Download Mod APK 2016 Free

Clash royale astuces de gemmes

Our latest Clash Royale astuce apk download will fill your exhausted who are looking for the best mod apk of this popular game. The Clash Royale game was just released a month ago. It means that many hackers still cannot hack or mod this game properly. Otherwise, we have already done it and share it for you all today. In this post, we will also show you some Clash Royale hack trick a bit. The rests will talk about some benefits of our mod apk than others and make you proud and easier to use it on your mobile phone properly.

Clash Royale Astuce Apk Download as the Best Mod

If we take a look on other mods, our Clash Royale astuce apk download is the best mod so far. There are some reasons why this is the best. The first reason is about patched. Our team will regularly patch every new updates on the original game of Clash Royale. Moreover, it is now compatible with Bluestacks and iOs devices. In other words, our mod works for all devices even the Bluestacks. Thus, the new players who want directly download and install our mod, you are on the right place because you do not have to read the manual installation anymore. Just click download and play it freely.

Clash Royale Astuce Apk download Bot System

Unlike other mods, our Clash Royale astuce apk download has unique bot system. It does not give any impact into your real account. This is important for us to protect your account. For your information, we have special algorithm which connect into the Clash Royale server and deny the cheat to be detected into your real account. In simple words, we protect your real account without any impact. Therefore, you just can use the cheat and bot in the game without worries anymore.

Clash Royale Astuce Apk Download: How to Use

To use our Clash Royale astuce de gemmes, you just need to click the download button in this page. It will direct you to download our mod freely. Moreover, our Clash Royale mod is unlimited. It means that it does not restrict for any region like the real Clash Royale game. If you found that your area cannot play the game, our mod is your solution. It is your chance to learn about this game. Furthermore, you can also use the trick and cheat without any problem. What you need is download this Clash Royale astuce apk download into your devices.

LEGO Minifigures Online Tips For Playing

have fun playing the game and learn how to play with some LEGO Minifigures Online Tips and tricks. LEGO Minifgures Online is role playing online game where you can explore the world of LEGO together with players online throughout the world. Understanding these tips will help succeed in the game.

LEGO Minifigures Online

LEGO Minifigures Online Tips In Attacking The Monsters

There are three minifigures options you can choose when starting the game and as you play through the story your team will expand. There are different attacks unique to each minifigure. Attack can be done by clicking left or right mouse button. These attacks should be learned to help you defeat different enemies. Holding down the right mouse button may unleash powerful attack. Make sure you remember this LEGO Minifigures Online Tips when using right-click attacks against enemies. Three minifigures can be equipped into your team and it is best you swap between each of them at whatever time. The best tactics when in combat is by starting with a minifigure that can do ranged attack and then swap to a minifigure that can do melee attack when the enemies is nearby so you can finish the job faster. Do not forget to use a healing potion if the enemies are too hard for you.

LEGO Minifigures Online Tips To Minifigures

There are Builders in some minifigures that can build a pile of bricks together. Builder can build really fast so if you want to build anything, swap to this type of minifigures. You can upgrade any minifigures you like to make them stronger. You need to spend start collected from all over the place while you play in order to upgrade minifigures. Spend more stars as minifigures level up to make them better than before. Element also plays important role during playing the game. Each element has its own weak and strong attribute against each other. Make sure you know which element stronger against that of the enemies to easily defeat them in this LEGO Minifigures Online Tips.

LEGO Minifigures Online Tips To Join Other Team

The best idea to play the game is by teaming up with other players. Ask other players to group together to beat strong monsters in the darkest dungeons easier. You can see the players around by tapping the Team icon on the left side of your screen. Ask them to join your group by tapping Invite button. This menu also let you leave a team if you want to. Keep this LEGO Minifigures Online Tips to defeat more monsters

Finding Boom Beach Hack APK from the Internet


You can try Boom Beach hack APK to get instant access and win the game easily. This APK hack tool will help you to get the gems and the diamonds in unlimited numbers. Actually this game will need many gems and diamonds. IF you have some extra cash, you can purchase the gems and the diamonds using the cash. But, there are no many people that want to spend their cash to buy the gems and diamonds in this game. They try to find the easiest way to get the gems and the diamonds in instant ways with little efforts.

If you are trying to find Boom Beach Hack APK from the internet, you will find many websites that offer the hack tool for you. It is already well known that there are many android games that get hacked through the APK. When you install the hacked APK in your device, you will get many items unlocked. The hacked APK is commonly worked for offline game. Boom Beach is a multilayer game that requires the internet connection. So, it is categorized as an online game. The online game will need a secure connection to the server of the game. It will be very difficult for many APK hackers to create the modified APK of this game that can access the server and unlock many items in this game.

Although it’s quite difficult to get the Boom Beach Hack APK, it’s not impossible for you to get it. You should always remember that there are no 100% of secure security system in this world. So, there will a Hack APK for Boom Beach game that can work. It will need some extra efforts from you to get the hacked APK because many websites that offer that APK are just ended to complete a survey. There are also some websites that give you the wrong APK that when you install it, it will download another useless APK in your device.

You should be careful in downloading any hack APK tools from the internet. Sometimes you can get a harmful tool that may damage your device or stole your important data in your device. You can try to ask in a forum game to get the most actual information about the hack APK for this game. They usually have many senior members that are expert in this term. Boom Beach hack APK will be very helpful for you, but it’s not easy to be found.

Crashlands Review, Strategies and Cheats


This Crashlands Review will help those adventurers who need help on their journey. Crashlands is adventure online game developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans that take players to explore the world, take action, and craft items. To make your adventure a whole lot easier and a bit more enjoyable, follow this useful hint.

Crashlands Review Tips 1: Take all Items

Other similar adventure games have very limited bag capacity for players to collect items while Crashlands features unlimited bag capacity. Limited bag capacity means you can only take things that are important and throw away things less significant or carry few items home and keep them in storage. Crashlands allows you take everything you find even if you don’t need it yet. These items might be of use eventually, so it is important if you keep them first. You do not need to organize everything in Crashlands Review since you’ll only be able to see inventory whenever you read a recipe.

Crashlands Review Tips 2: Keep It Functions

You may craft items to decorate your house but it is better to use those materials to craft potions, bombs, and important items. There are lots of recipes you can find on crafting station including those things like tables, chairs, and house decorations. Other than cosmetic appeal, they do not serve important function. It does not mean you may not decorate your house in Crashlands Review, but it is better if you just let your house as it is and use crafting stations to create significant items if you’re really want to succeed in your quests. This game emphasizes on function purpose rather than minimalist decoration.

Crashlands Review Tips 3: Avoid Red Zone When Combat

You will see a red indicator when engaging in combat with enemies. This indicates what part of body they’re going to hit. These indicators can be shown in different shapes and sizes, but one thing for sure you have move away to evade. You won’t take any damage if the second they come out you get out of the red zone. These tips can be also used when you face enemy in the dancing part. You’ll also be able to predict before it even take place if you can remember what they do. You can also get out of the line of attack easier by running behind the enemy. But it cannot always be done. Launch striking blows right away once you do. There are a few hits you can deliver before their next hit. Enjoy this Crashlands Review and start your journey.

Chaos Rings III Tricks To Help You Out

This Chaos Rings III Tricks guide is you solution you are in trouble in some fights and confuse between completing the scenario of Chaos Rings III or the Colosseum modes. Chaos Rings III is action RPG game for android that let player to explore the world to complete mission on each islands. Learn these tips and tricks and you will be able to finish the game.

Chaos Rings III

Chaos Rings III Tricks To Equip The Party

Consider the weight of your character. It takes longer to attack enemy if character wear heavier gear so it will take turn after mainly enemies. This means you have to control which character will attack who. Hits are important too. A single strike may cause several hits with certain weapons. There are more opportunities to deal critical with more hits. You also need to upgrade your weapon constantly so you can defeat stronger enemies. Planning is important Chaos Rings III Tricks when engaging enemies. Equip your party with armor that increases defense against certain elements or weapons with contrasting elemental attacks if the enemies use a certain element type.

Chaos Rings III Tricks For Increasing Stats

One of other Chaos Rings III Tricks is accessories. Attack and defense can be increased with weapons and armor while stats can be increased with accessories. While other RPGs just resist poison with accessories, it boosts stats in Chaos Rings III. Mariv’s Garden can perk up your party’s level so make sure you visit it between missions after you’ve unlocked it. It can also increase your characters’ maximum magic points so it gives you more chance to win.

Chaos Rings III Tricks For Battle

Knowing elements can help you win in the battle. Every element has its own contrasting effect against other element. Increase your chance by using superior element against enemies’ weak element. However, this means you also prone to critical damage dealt by contrasting elements. Attacking enemies with the same element base can be good idea especially if you fight several enemies with the same element type. To avoid being attacked with your own elemental weaknesses, try to change your element to something you are not weak against. Running can be a good idea if you are in doubt you can win. If it is an apparently not viable fight, backing down is not a shame. There is also no worry about healing party as once battle is over, health recovers automatically. So keep in mind about these Chaos Rings III Tricks.