Crashlands Review, Strategies and Cheats


This Crashlands Review will help those adventurers who need help on their journey. Crashlands is adventure online game developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans that take players to explore the world, take action, and craft items. To make your adventure a whole lot easier and a bit more enjoyable, follow this useful hint.

Crashlands Review Tips 1: Take all Items

Other similar adventure games have very limited bag capacity for players to collect items while Crashlands features unlimited bag capacity. Limited bag capacity means you can only take things that are important and throw away things less significant or carry few items home and keep them in storage. Crashlands allows you take everything you find even if you don’t need it yet. These items might be of use eventually, so it is important if you keep them first. You do not need to organize everything in Crashlands Review since you’ll only be able to see inventory whenever you read a recipe.

Crashlands Review Tips 2: Keep It Functions

You may craft items to decorate your house but it is better to use those materials to craft potions, bombs, and important items. There are lots of recipes you can find on crafting station including those things like tables, chairs, and house decorations. Other than cosmetic appeal, they do not serve important function. It does not mean you may not decorate your house in Crashlands Review, but it is better if you just let your house as it is and use crafting stations to create significant items if you’re really want to succeed in your quests. This game emphasizes on function purpose rather than minimalist decoration.

Crashlands Review Tips 3: Avoid Red Zone When Combat

You will see a red indicator when engaging in combat with enemies. This indicates what part of body they’re going to hit. These indicators can be shown in different shapes and sizes, but one thing for sure you have move away to evade. You won’t take any damage if the second they come out you get out of the red zone. These tips can be also used when you face enemy in the dancing part. You’ll also be able to predict before it even take place if you can remember what they do. You can also get out of the line of attack easier by running behind the enemy. But it cannot always be done. Launch striking blows right away once you do. There are a few hits you can deliver before their next hit. Enjoy this Crashlands Review and start your journey.

Chaos Rings III Tricks To Help You Out

This Chaos Rings III Tricks guide is you solution you are in trouble in some fights and confuse between completing the scenario of Chaos Rings III or the Colosseum modes. Chaos Rings III is action RPG game for android that let player to explore the world to complete mission on each islands. Learn these tips and tricks and you will be able to finish the game.

Chaos Rings III

Chaos Rings III Tricks To Equip The Party

Consider the weight of your character. It takes longer to attack enemy if character wear heavier gear so it will take turn after mainly enemies. This means you have to control which character will attack who. Hits are important too. A single strike may cause several hits with certain weapons. There are more opportunities to deal critical with more hits. You also need to upgrade your weapon constantly so you can defeat stronger enemies. Planning is important Chaos Rings III Tricks when engaging enemies. Equip your party with armor that increases defense against certain elements or weapons with contrasting elemental attacks if the enemies use a certain element type.

Chaos Rings III Tricks For Increasing Stats

One of other Chaos Rings III Tricks is accessories. Attack and defense can be increased with weapons and armor while stats can be increased with accessories. While other RPGs just resist poison with accessories, it boosts stats in Chaos Rings III. Mariv’s Garden can perk up your party’s level so make sure you visit it between missions after you’ve unlocked it. It can also increase your characters’ maximum magic points so it gives you more chance to win.

Chaos Rings III Tricks For Battle

Knowing elements can help you win in the battle. Every element has its own contrasting effect against other element. Increase your chance by using superior element against enemies’ weak element. However, this means you also prone to critical damage dealt by contrasting elements. Attacking enemies with the same element base can be good idea especially if you fight several enemies with the same element type. To avoid being attacked with your own elemental weaknesses, try to change your element to something you are not weak against. Running can be a good idea if you are in doubt you can win. If it is an apparently not viable fight, backing down is not a shame. There is also no worry about healing party as once battle is over, health recovers automatically. So keep in mind about these Chaos Rings III Tricks.