My Personal Opinion On Party Makeup

Makeup for parties has to perfect and according to your personality. Personally when I do my make up for party I keep it to a minimum. I think doing too much of makeup conceals your inner beauty and instead of being the talk of the part you become the humor object of the party. I follow the way celebrities do their party make up and how they carry themselves when they are in a party.

Some important tips:

I feel using a foundation is the prime requisite of nay party. It is first necessary thing that is needed for a party. All you have to do is choose a foundation based on your skin tone. It is very much necessary to have a foundation based on your skin tone otherwise the makeup wont suit the face. Any make up for party is incomplete without a blush on. You have to know which blush on to use and in what direction.

The direction you use your blush on must be according to the shape of your face. Your cheeks must not be too round and remember to highlight your cheekbones always. A kajal and eyeliner is the most important make part with your eyes. Do not use a liquid kajal, if you think that you have too much tendencies in sweating. Instead use kajal to highlight your eyes. Remember if it’s a party in the summer season keep your eye makeup light and if you are doing make up for party in the winter season then do not forget the tip.

Your eye makeup is everything if you are going for a party in the winter season. Do not use shimmer if you are not comfortable with it as this can lead to serious make up disasters. As for the make up with your lips go for dark colors if it’s a party for the winter season. Go for light lip colors if it matches your skin tone.

Some make up disasters:

Many a times I have seen people using dark eye shadow which is a complete disaster and they look like vampires to some extent and again using dark colored lipstick for a daytime party is like too loud and the person becomes the joke of the party. Make up for the party is an art. It should be done with an art. If you are not confident do not dress up in some attire where you feel the skin is too much being revealed. Again wearing some gown in a pool party is another disaster. Too much of kajal can spoil your look if you have the tendency to sweat so avoid too much of eye makeup or go for water proof make up.

A good make up can work wonders:

Wearing a good make up for party can raise your popularity to a great extent. A mice dress and a good make up can really change your life. I have heard may a time that Bollywood actresses got most of their debut films in some kind of party where their graceful appearance created a nice impact on people. Make up for party can be really helpful sometimes if you do it the proper way and know how to create magic with it. This is helpful in accomplishing the impossible task and sometimes finding your true soul mate. Not only a good make up, you have to know the way to carry the makeup and present yourself.

Your demeanor should match your style and your attitude. A good make up can only work wonders if you have the right attitude and proper dress according to the party theme. Thus girls you must think about this and my opinion is be yourself and set the trend yourself instead of following another person.

My Childhood Stories Of Makeup

Make up to me in my childhood days only meant lipsticks. I was only concerned about what color of lipstick I shall wear for each and every occasion. As I used to wear spectacles I did not even wear eye makeup, even when I was 16 or 17 years of age.

Makeup during my childhood times;

The make up for party during childhood times were very simple and serene. I never used to own any of the products on my own as all belonged to my mother. Nowadays I see that the teenagers are bothered with their makeup and they wear makeup that is not suitable for their age. When I was in my teens only a good pink color lipstick and some nice hair clips were the only means of make to me. But now when I go out I see teenagers wearing dark eye makeup, deep lipsticks and lots of color on their cheeks.

They look over matured and pretty much bigger when compared to their innocent ages. That is when I think life has changed so much and people have changed as science and technology changed to a great extent. I still vividly remember when I was young my mother used to provide me with all sorts of lipsticks, earrings, neck pieces that had the innocence and sweetness prevailing in it. I remember spending hours in front of the mirror when my mom used to sleep and I used to do make up to like her. The innocence and the charm of makeup and looking good had lost down and there is no more sweetness prevailing in it.

My childhood friend’s prank:

When I was small I was too stupid to realize the difference between foundation, eye shadow and lip liners. All I knew was that I have to look good using the products. But one day my friend Dipali came to my house and while our moms were busy chatting she said that she can do my make up for party. I was so excited with the thought and I kept silent while she used all the products to do the makeup.

After some time I opened my eyes and saw myself in the mirror. It was not less than any ghost movie or vampire movie you see nowadays. The only difference was that the vampire looked too young. Our mother laughed heartily while Dipali was trying to prove herself that the makeup done on my face can even me any child beauty pageant contest. So that is how I was always fooled in terms of makeup and never ever got the better of it.

My first make up disaster:

If you are thinking that this is enough then I must say friend that more embarrassing experiences were yet to come. This happened when I was in my seventh or eighth standard. I had to go to a party and my mom was not there with me. I did some make up for party without knowing the fact which product must be used. I completed my makeup and then asked my father that whether we should go. My father was sitting there with other relatives of mine and all were startled to see my face. Some started to laugh loudly and I felt humiliated. My father also could not control his smiles. I understood something was wrong.

Later I realize that I used the eye shadow in cheeks and the blush on above the eyes and lipsticks were not lined with my lip line and it looked horrible. I decided from that day that I would never ever wear make up till the day I understand all about makeup. Now when I understand about makeup I don’t feel like doing make up but rather prefer just an eye kajal and eyeliner with a clean natural face. I love being myself, being simple and being me!

Some Unfortunate Incidents In Last Year’s New Year Party

I am not a party animal and I do not attend too many parties. But when it comes to special ones then I attend them. I am very much excited to write about the last year’s New Year part where me and my friends had a blast. I am writing some sad memories of my party here. There happened a disaster with my friend Rini. The day that I still regret in my life till now.

Rini’s make up disaster:

My friend Rini and I were getting ready for the party. We were in a happy mood. I was doing make up for party while she was dressing. After I had completed my makeup she sat down in front of the mirror. Though everyone celebrates New Year party in the evening we had an invitation in our friend’s place from the morning. We had done our makeup, dressed well and then went out for the party. It was day when we faced the scorchimg sun and tremendous heat. I suddenly saw Rini’s make up melting. I became a bit puzzled. Her liquid eye liners and the foundation were mixing and it was horrible. At first I through that it would be okay not to tell her but then I said seeing the consequences. She was like so hyper and so nervous that she began sweating and you all can imagine the horrible experience.

Rini’s Last makeup day:

It was the last make up day for Rini and she did not ever do makeup for party. I felt very bad personally as the day when she has that make up disaster, she was an object of humor and she believe that make up was not for her. She completely had quit the idea of makeup. She had no idea of makeup and I forgot to say her to use the powdered foundation instead of the liquid one.

My realization:

I sometimes feel guilty and think I would have asked Rini to use the powdered foundation instead of liquid one, then the make up for party would have been perfect and there would have been no disaster. But I feel sad with the decision that she made and now I regret it.