How to Use Pokemon Go Plus


For those of you who like to play Pokemon Go, now Pokemon Go Plus accessory can be used. This article will give you the explanation on how to deal with this accessory. Pokemon Go Plus is now available for Pokemon Go. This device make the game play experience of the Pokemon Go more convenient that you can make everything in this game possible without having to use your phone.

Set Up Pokemon Go Plus

It is very simple and easy to set up the Pokemon Go Plus accessory. The first thing that you have to do is you have to make sure that the watch is on. And then you also have check out is the Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device. After that you can go to setting, and then you just have to activate the Pokemon Go Plus. Press the button and it will be appeared.

Catch Pokemon Using Pokemon Go Plus

One of the main benefits of the Pokemon Go Plus is you can catch Pokemon without having to check out your smart phone all the time. When you find Pokemon near you, this accessory will vibrate and you will see green color. You just have to press the button which is located on the center of the device in order to try to catch Pokemon in the area. If you successfully catch the Pokemon, Pokemon Go Plus will display rainbow colors, but if you cannot get the Pokemon, you will see red lights. If you want to catch wild Pokemon using this accessory, it is more convenient, but there are a couple of disadvantages that you have to know on using it rather than traditional ways in order to catch Pokemon. This accessory only uses regular Pokeballs, so that Ultra Balls and Great Balls can only be used when you play through the application. Meanwhile, you only have one chance in order to catch Pokemon when using this accessory.

Pokemon Go has been updated by Niantic on a regular basis; so many people wish that the update will be revealed soon in the future which lets Pokemon Go Plus to use Ultra Balls and Great Balls. After that, a couple of Pokemon Go fans all over the world will just have to stock up on a couple of regular Pokeballs that they have if they want to utilize the Pokemon Go Plus. So do not waste your time, grab this accessory right away.