LEGO Minifigures Online Tips For Playing

have fun playing the game and learn how to play with some LEGO Minifigures Online Tips and tricks. LEGO Minifgures Online is role playing online game where you can explore the world of LEGO together with players online throughout the world. Understanding these tips will help succeed in the game.

LEGO Minifigures Online

LEGO Minifigures Online Tips In Attacking The Monsters

There are three minifigures options you can choose when starting the game and as you play through the story your team will expand. There are different attacks unique to each minifigure. Attack can be done by clicking left or right mouse button. These attacks should be learned to help you defeat different enemies. Holding down the right mouse button may unleash powerful attack. Make sure you remember this LEGO Minifigures Online Tips when using right-click attacks against enemies. Three minifigures can be equipped into your team and it is best you swap between each of them at whatever time. The best tactics when in combat is by starting with a minifigure that can do ranged attack and then swap to a minifigure that can do melee attack when the enemies is nearby so you can finish the job faster. Do not forget to use a healing potion if the enemies are too hard for you.

LEGO Minifigures Online Tips To Minifigures

There are Builders in some minifigures that can build a pile of bricks together. Builder can build really fast so if you want to build anything, swap to this type of minifigures. You can upgrade any minifigures you like to make them stronger. You need to spend start collected from all over the place while you play in order to upgrade minifigures. Spend more stars as minifigures level up to make them better than before. Element also plays important role during playing the game. Each element has its own weak and strong attribute against each other. Make sure you know which element stronger against that of the enemies to easily defeat them in this LEGO Minifigures Online Tips.

LEGO Minifigures Online Tips To Join Other Team

The best idea to play the game is by teaming up with other players. Ask other players to group together to beat strong monsters in the darkest dungeons easier. You can see the players around by tapping the Team icon on the left side of your screen. Ask them to join your group by tapping Invite button. This menu also let you leave a team if you want to. Keep this LEGO Minifigures Online Tips to defeat more monsters