State of Decay 2: The Zombie Gaming Theme

If you are always thrilled with the zombie apocalypse-survival game like Resident Evil, then it is high chance that you will also like the State of Decay 2. Seen from the title, you guess it right: it is the sequel from the original State of Decay which is claimed to be one of the best games for zombie theme. It may not be completely similar to the Resident Evil but it is one of the great zombie survival platform that will bring you new excitement.

State of Decay 2 Release and Development
The original State of Decay was launched in 2013 and because of the positive (and even great acceptance), the developer decided to have the sequel. Thus, the State of Decay 2 is planned to release somewhere in 2017. Microsoft Studios is responsible for the publishing while Undead Labs is responsible for the development. So far, this zombie survival third person view game will be available for the Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. Another cool thing about the game is that you can have a single player mode while joining forces together with other players – whichever your choice is, be sure that it is going to be a hell of a game!

In this State of Decay 2, there is an open world setting for your gaming environment with cooperative gaming mode, allowing you to work together with three other players. Wit Unreal Engine 4, you can expect a beautiful graphic with real experience and atmosphere. The game is intended to build a lasting community where the remaining survivors can work together and solve problems. Not only about combating the zombies but about gathering resources for survival too.

State of Decay 2 and the Gaming Platforms
Besides the Xbox One and PC, the game will also be available in Xbox Play Anywhere. This is a great news for Microsoft 10 users as they can use both the platforms to play the game. And with the cloud system, you can save your updates and progress so you can play the game without any hindrance or whatsoever. It is convenient and enjoyable – and you are guaranteed to have a blast.

There has been a talk about developing the game for Steam but such an option isn’t available just yet now – but they are thinking about it seriously for the further release. If you are looking for a new zombie excitement, consider playing the State of Decay 2 – it will worth your time.