Clash Royale Hack Tutorials to Get Toughest Troops and Deck

Our Clash Royale hack tutorials are simply to follow for everyone. In other words, many beginner players are satisfied after they followed these simple tutorials. For your information, Clash Royale is the latest game which is developed by Supercell which is popular with their Clash of Clans previously. With RTS and collectible cards gameplay, the players should have good strategy to win every match. There should be 2 players in one match and they have to defeat another player to get experience, gold and chests. Let us go to the first Clash Royale hack trick tutorial below.

Clash Royale Hack Tutorials: Set Your Deck

Okay, you have to understand carefully these Clash Royale hack tutorials. Actually, the Clash Royale gameplay is very simple. You just need accurate choice in choosing your troops. Of course, you have a chance to set up your deck firstly, right? Do not miss this chance. You must set up your battle deck and please do not directly play without this step firstly. It helps you to understand the combo’s possibilities on the battle later. Many beginners just skip their chance to set up their deck. Consequently, they go play blindly at this way for sure.

Clash Royale Hack Tutorials: Save Your Gems

The next thing to do in our Clash Royale Hack tutorials is about saving your gems. We have already known that gems are very important and useful in this game. By using our gems, we can purchase some items such as chests, cards and gold on the store. Because of this importance, you must save your gems. In other words, do not waste it without any goal or purpose. Rather than wasting it for buying something common, it would be better if you save it for magical chest, right? For your information, magical chest is the rarest chest in this game. It is worthier for your gems obviously.

Clash Royale Hack Tutorials: Save Your Gold

After saving your gems, this is your time to save your gold. As same as gems, gold is also key component in this game. By using the gold, you can upgrade your card to become tougher than before. Moreover, we can also buy other cards on the store with our gold. So, you have to keep it for the expensive one. Of course, buying weak troops or cards will waste our gold. It means that you have to be patience and win every game to get more gold. That is all for today. Hope you understand our Clash Royale hack tutorials for newbie today.