Tech to Help People with Disabilities

Adaptive technology is basically a new term but not with the basic idea. There are a couple of adaptive devices which are simple such as the cane that has history. Meanwhile, there are a couple of people that are dealing with science fiction realm. This article will help many people with disabilities by explaining a couple of adaptive devices that come with high technology.

DynaVox EyeMax System

The DynaVox EyeMax system with the combination with the Vmax+ gives many people with stroke victims, cerebral palsy, and paralysis the capability in order to deal with in spoken communication by using their eyes only. By using eye tracking system which has been sophisticated, users can connect with on-screen keyboard that will be letting them to enter phrases and words and they will be translated into spoken text through the text-to-speech mechanism of device. Additionally, the InterACCt language software on the adaptive devices provides a lot of pre-defined words and phrases that can be chosen from a lot of lists or selected through scenes and pictures that are making device accessible to young children instantly and the disabled mentally.

Kapten PLUS Personal Navigation Device

It is challenging to travel alone for the impaired visually, whether it is down the street or across the country. There are a lot of possibilities of getting disoriented or taking a wrong turn in the busy pedestrians’ shuffle. Kapten is the perfect choice in order to solve this problem. This is one of adaptive devices which is small GPS locator that has been designed in order to be carried. The device speaks location and direction as the user walks down the street, so they user also knows the location. Routes can be stored and planned by user and tag location for reference. The Kapten is designed as reasonable and affordable accessory of GPS in order to guide the user. This device also provides an amazing amount of security, a lot of information and confidence that is letting blind people in order to travel and do not have to worry about getting lost in the wrong direction.

Car for Blind

Talking about the blind mobility, Dennis Hong is creating the vehicle which can be driven by the blind. The purpose is to integrate a couple of computer systems, cameras, and sensors in order to observe environment around the car and offer alternate terms of sensory input such as vibration and sound.